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A self assessment for you

Please spend just a few moments on this page.
These moments could just save your life and motivate you to get help!

Is this what you're feeling?

We've been where you are, so you're going to just have to trust us as we speak frankly to you.

We know that you just don't care anymore. You think about reaching out for help, but it's just a passing thought that quickly fades. You just want to be left alone to drug or drink until the day you die.

If you've been in and out of rehabs, detox centers, hospitals and recovery programs, you feel that nothing can help because they have all failed you.

You're feeling hopeless. When there's seemingly no hope, you can't even put value on your life. You've given up... or have you? WAIT... you're here and still reading this, aren't you?

Please HEAR US now... the God of ALL creation created you and loves you beyond what you can even imagine. FINDING YOURSELF ON THIS PAGE IS THE VERY SOUND OF HIS VOICE! He wants to save you and heal you. He wants to erase and mend all of your brokenness. He wants to give you a future and hope.

If any of these questions or thoughts apply to you, we're waiting to hear from you. There will be no condemnation... no criticism... no judgement... no disrespect.

Isn't it time to at least have a chat today with one of us who truly understands what you're going through? The reality is that you may not have one more high left. There IS someone waiting to listen and to hear what you're going through. We don't want you living in darkness one more minute.

How would you answer these questions?

  1. Are you are struggling with addiction (drugs, alcohol or some other life controlling behavior), but discouragement has set in because other treatment methods have failed you?

  2. Are you upset and discouraged because, in trying to get help, you've found that you're not being respected or loved by the very people who are trying to help you?

  3. Are you struggling with finding your purpose in life and would really like to find it and feel valued?

  4. Do you have trouble with relationships and often feel so painfully alone?

  5. Is your 'higher power', powerless, but deep inside you know that there is a real and true God out there somewhere that has the real POWER over your addiction?

  6. Have you heard about Jesus, but want to learn how to meet Him and know Him?

  7. Do you feel marginalized and judged by everyone around you?

  8. Do you want to make positive changes in your life but need a little help getting back on track?

  9. Would you would like to speak with counselors who understand your problem because they have been there themselves?

  10. Would you would like to be able to know how to build self-esteem, self-control, and self-worth?

  11. Do you feel so hopeless that you feel the only way to end your addiction is to end your life?

  12. Are you finding that you just don't care about anything anymore?

  13. Have drugs been the only way you can feel better but now find that they don't anymore because you now only take them to stop the horrific nightmare of withdrawal?

  14. Have you reached a point where you just don't care if you overdose anymore?

  15. Are you sick and tired of having to steal, prostitute yourself, and deceive those you love in order to keep using?

  16. Do you believe that there is a very real Heaven and Hell?

  17. Are you reading this and feel like it makes sense, but you just don't have any strength left to take action?

  18. Do you think that getting help has too high a price tag?

  19. Do you feel like a rat trapped in the maze of addiction recovery... kind of like a revolving door nightmare?

  20. Are you a loved one of someone in an addition and don't know what to do because it seems like nothing works?

Will you accept our challenge?

You're transformational Recovery is waiting for you.

Just email us below so that we can arrange a talk with you by phone. It's FREE!

We work with people of ALL ages and from ALL walks of life. Teens will need parental permission.

Our fees are by a super affordable donation that is tax deductible. We even make life easier because you can pay by the week.

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